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The Importance of an Aged Domain 

There are a variety of things that Google considers when determining the ranking of a website and one of those things is the age of the domain under which the website is being hosted. This simply means that it looks at how long the domain has been around; however, this does not mean how long it has been registered but also how long it has been since the domain first been indexed by Google or detected a link to the domain. So just because you have owned a domain for ten years does not mean that it is considered an aged domain by Google.

So what do you do if you have just registered your domain or you decide to change your domain name? Does this mean that you will get low ranking or that your site will be lost in the search engine results? Not necessarily! Aged domains can be used in combination with your new domain to boost the ranking of your website. For example, if you have backlinks on your website linking back to aged domains, it will definitely give your new site a boost.

Purchasing Aged Domains

We at Aged Domains have just one objective in mind: helping your company to grow by making it successful on the internet and by securing its online presence. We sell the best aged domains which are between 2 to 20 years old and have a clean backlink history. They have been linked, audited and filtered so you can be sure that when you buy an aged domain from us you are buying the best aged domains available for sale. 

We make it simple for you, individuals or companies, to acquire aged domain names needed for your success and online presence. We offer a great variety of premium aged domains. Buying an aged domain is quick and easy. Start by searching our aged domain inventory. You can search by typing a keyword in the search box or you can sort based on age to find the oldest domains available on our website.

Get Your Aged Domain in 3 Simple Steps

Create and validate your free account. Registration is free! Once you have registered, you will get an email with a link to validate your account.
Search or browse our aged domain catalogue. Our catalogue consists of a wide variety of aged domains. We make it very easy for you to find what you are looking for. Our domains are categorized according to different business types or personal needs. We have a domain for everyone, no matter what their budget is.
Add domain to your cart and checkout. Once you have found the domain that you are looking for, add it to your cart and start the checkout process. Once payment has been successfully processed, the domain will be added to your account and you will receive an email with all necessary information pertaining to the use of your domain. 

Why Aged Domain?

Are you wondering why you should choose our domains? Well, simply because we are fast, simple and reliable.